Stylish Ways To Fill Empty Corners In Your Home

Having empty corners in your home isn’t something new. We’ve all got them and at times we just don’t know what we can do with them. They would be too small to add in a pretty accent chair but won’t be able to fit a big table at the same time. But aside from furniture there are a ton of other things you can do with those annoying corners to make them useful and appealing. 

From greenery to tall lamps, there’s a lot in store for you and your job is to let those creative juices flow to bring out the best ideas. In fact we’re gonna list out a few ideas from our side that you can incorporate as well. Go through them and see which ones suit your room’s overall aesthetic and make the room POP! 

Here are some stylish corner ideas just for you:

Mirrors Are The Way To Go

You can make use of Long mirrors to fill up dull corners as they give off the illusion as there is more depth to the room. This will not only cover up that corner but also make the room more spacious and bigger than its original size. Aside from long mirrors, you can use smaller ones to make a certain design that will act as a statement piece for the wall. Your guests wouldn’t even guess that it was just a plain corner before. Along with the mirror add a small table with a plant and maybe some books or a small ornament to wrap up the complete look. Small details can go a long way so take some time when you’re doing this and remember to not rush through it.

Shelf It Up

Corner floating shelves are a great way to utilize the empty space and also add extra storage space for your home. You can display some memorabilia, books, light candles, and so much more. Make sure the design and colour suits the theme of the room as you don’t want it to look odd from the rest. What Would’ve been a boring, plain spot is suddenly transformed to give a homey and thrilling feeling just by the addition of a wall-mount shelf. Sometimes one special piece is all it takes to turn heads.

Make Use Of The Old

If you come across or have some vintage pieces that you can repurpose for decorative reasons, do it! For example, if you have a rustic wooden ladder you can add a few flat wooden slabs on the rungs to create a makeshift shelf. On this you can wrap around some artificial greenery and on the shelves showcase some real greenery and even a small lantern. The corner space instantaneously becomes a warm, welcoming spot for anyone to lay their eyes upon which proves that you don’t need to only have big dazzling things to grab attention.

Show Off Your Artistic Side

Artwork is what helps define the personality of the homeowner and their space. It’s useful in tying certain pieces together and creating character in a home.  What’s more important is enjoying and displaying it with confidence. It’s a great way to give those corners life and purpose. Pick out some of your favourite pieces and display either one or create a small gallery.

Add Lights And Homewares

Home decor and homeware products can be found in just about any affordable furniture shop. Invest in some to bring your corner out of the shadows. Add in a floor lamp or a sconce to add some brightness and pair it with a small table having some artistic homeware decoration on it. The preferred light colour to go for is warm white to really set the mood for that space. 


If you make the first step, a corner in any room of your home doesn’t have to be left plain and dull. Hopefully, after reading this we’ve given you the push to try it out and enough insight into the different ways you can style it up. Now the only thing that’s left is to know where you can invest in these decorative pieces and that’s none other than Half Price Furniture. We have got a wide range of beautiful homewares for you to choose from. Browse through our website and order some homeware furniture online today!

Thanks for reading!