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Maximalism Is The Way To Go: Here’s Why

As most individuals divert towards minimalism which can now not be considered a leading trend anymore but more so an expectation instead, most of them have forgotten that maximalism is a thing and still exists. But we have to remember that no style lasts forever and now’s the time for maximalism to take the stage. The trend for maximalism has already begun but hasn’t reached the majority of the population yet. There are numerous ways you bring and incorporate maximalism into your life but before that here are some things you need to know to help you understand so you can get started without a hitch.

What Is Maximalism?

It was once a category you’d come across in art, music, and literature but it has now expanded into the world of interior design & home decor as well. We know that minimalism is all about reducing visual elements to create an open space but maximalism is the opposite and invites elements that go together to provide visual splendour. More often than not people think that maximalism encourages hoarding items and overstuffing rooms. While it embraces the idea of excess, it’s not in any way aiming to look messy. It promotes bold colour palettes, contrasting colours and patterns, intricate details, and special accessories. You can consider maximalism as a loud form of style as it encourages utilizing your space in the boldest way possible.

What Are The Elements of Maximalism?

We all at some point in time scrolled through Pinterest and Instagram looking at beautiful bold interiors of different homes and have thought to ourselves that we could never make such bold strides for our home. But remember that the interiors you saw were tailored to that person. When you want to go all-in with this style it’s all about you, your personality, and your interests. This way you know for a fact that every outcome is unique to a person’s taste. 

This style allows your personality to shine through much more easily than in a minimalist space. Here are some key factors to keep in mind when trying to incorporate maximalism:

  • Use bright, bold, and rich colours
  • Layering
  • Repetitive patterns in prints such as florals, abstract, and animal prints
  • Vintage or unique statement pieces
  • Mixing and matching of textures and colors
  • Place a lot of the items you want to showcase like books, paintings, etc.
  • Blend multiple design styles

Now that you know what maximalism is along with the elements that make up the style, here are some reasons why this style is for you:

Makes Your Space More Personal

As this style is a direct reflection of your personality and interest you can literally do whatever, and showcase whatever defines you. From your favourite reads to music records, albums, posters, or whatever else you have the freedom to discover yourself more and more. The walls that minimalism puts up while decorating are all taken down through this style.

Requires Your Creative Mind

Maximalism requires creativity and decorating skills that you can’t implement when it comes to minimalism. You have to learn to think outside the box so that the elements you choose go well together even if they aren’t from the same family of style. For example, Having a classic sofa with some boho chic throw pillows and blankets, while the colour of the room is more wooded or rustic. 

More Affordable

You may be wondering how that’s possible when this style involves having more things, but in reality, the things you add-in can be stuff you already have or things that are quite inexpensive. Since mismatched and unusuality is encouraged you won’t have to pull your hair out trying to find the pieces. You can find affordable furniture online but a thrift store is your perfect lot to get a hold of antiques and beautiful pieces to suit the theme you’re going for.