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Simple Wardrobe Design For Small Bedrooms

Having a small bedroom doesn’t mean you can’t achieve the tranquil atmosphere that you yearn for. Since you are lacking in the space department you need to figure out a way to organize your stuff in a neat manner and also out of sight successfully. Wardrobes are usually the right place to do just that but now that you’re in a smaller bedroom the depth of your wardrobe will decrease too. You’ll now have to put on your thinking caps to come up with innovative ways to make the best use of the space and provide enough storage to put your things away.

Here are a few ways to help you get started:

Make The Best Use Of Mirrors

As you may already be aware mirrors have the ability to multiply the perception of space and create the illusion that a room is larger than it actually is. Replacing wardrobe panels with reflective stylish mirrors is a great way to add more space to a small bedroom. You can cover more areas of a room with wardrobes and top it off with mirrors to make up for lost storage space. Not only does it make a modish statement but it can also act as a mirror you can use to dress up with.

Open Wardrobes

This is a convenient and neat way to get your hands on the clothes you wear regularly. All you need is an open stand where you can hang the shirts and trousers that are used more than others and voila! There you have it. An easy organized way to quickly dress. Other clothing can be stored away in different locations like in a chest of drawers, bedside tables with drawers, storage space under your bed or in a small closet. 

If you incorporate this idea you are not only increasing the space inside the bedroom but also are maintaining a crisp modern-day aesthetic. 

Doors Or No Doors!

Don’t overlook wardrobe doors as they play quite a crucial role in smaller sized bedrooms. If you have a wardrobe door that swings out then it tends to take up more room than necessary. Instead, you can switch to sliding doors. This is fun and takes up no space, therefore not hindering movement at all making it small room-friendly.

On the other hand how about going with no doors at all to begin with? In case the width of your wardrobe isn’t enough to implement sliding doors then this method can be a lot of help.  A well-organised closet can be left open or covered with curtains to save that extra space. Neutral-coloured curtains impart a laid-back and relaxed feel to the bedroom.

Exploit Niches

If your bedroom has a medium to narrow empty space near the wall, turn it into wardrobe space! You can make use of this awkward space to maximize storage in the room. You can get a built-in wardrobe done with ease and store away all your essential wear as well as accessories. Add in some shelves and even a drawer to make it much easier to organize everything.

Make Use Of The Surroundings

Just take a quick look around your room and see all the empty wall space that is going to waste for not being used, especially when you’re living in a small space. You can implement ceiling tall cupboards and cabinets for added storage space and can really pack punch as it fits perfectly into the smaller area. Also, try to opt for calmer colours. Lighter hues do not overpower the decor, instead, they add to a sense of space if it is in limited supply. 

Wrap Up

It’s time to take what you’ve learnt and devise a plan to execute it. Don’t forget to keep the room minimal and not have way too much stuff. If you’re looking for the finest and cost-friendly bedroom furniture in Sydney then we’re the ones for you. We possess a huge range of products from dressers & mirrors to bedding sets and many more. Visit our website today and get a glimpse of everything we have in store for you.

Thanks for reading!