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7 Tips To Decorate Your Small Balcony

Just because you have a small-sized balcony doesn’t mean you can’t let your creativity burst while decorating. It can be a task since it isn’t big enough to fit all the outdoor and garden furniture you wish it could. But with some planning and the right home decor, you can create a beautiful balcony. Since the options are endless we have listed down a few ways that can help you maximize your balcony space and make it an elegant escape. 

Here they are:

Take The Minimal Route

Since you have a smaller space to work with, going minimal can be the best option for you since adding too much decor will make the whole balcony look cluttered and cramped. You can pick out the piece you want as the main focal point and then decorate from there. Some things you can use as a focal point are a small cushioned seat, a bench, or any other slightly big piece. After you’ve got it in place you can add the other finishing touches by sticking to the same colour palette you started off with.

Swing Away

Porch swings or single seater hanging swings are quite an iconic addition to any balcony. These are perfect to help you get comfortable and nestle into your balcony. There are a ton of different colours, shapes and sizes to choose from so pick the one that feels the best for you. Just remember to never install swing supports on something as flimsy as plywood or bead board. It should be sturdy enough to bear at least 500 pounds.

Make Use Of Wall Space

With less room for bigger furniture, don’t forget to use the vertical space as much as you can. You can add in floating shelves or hooks that can help you place plants and hang other things respectively.  This will allow you to add more to the balcony without making it claustrophobic. In addition it will create a soothing aura within your space that you can enjoy.

Make Space For Your Hobbies

In a space like this it can be difficult to do a lot of different things but you can make it a n amazing reading nook to spend your leisure time. All you need is good seating like an accent chair or a swing, maybe a small side table and you’re good to go. You can now enjoy a hot cup of coffee while entering the world of ghouls and goblins through your book.

Add Some Greenery

The most common thing most people do with their balconies is show off their green thumb by adding a different variety of pots and plants to bring out a more green aesthetic. To increase the touch of nature you can also add decorative baskets, and have your own small garden to grow some basic herbs to turn your small balcony into a stunning little greenhouse.

Leave Some Open Space

Try not to fill up your balcony too much and provide some free space where you can just stand and take in the complete view. You can also make your furniture face out towards the view just so you can have a relaxing morning sipping on some hot cocoa. Another great idea is to avoid having any tall pieces but instead get a floor cushion which you can also use to accommodate a few more people to enjoy the beautiful evening sunset. 

Spice It Up 

Just because the balcony is small doesn’t mean it has to be boring and dull. Incorporate different patterns since it is a good way to enhance the overall vibe. You can add in different cushions, throws, and other accessories to show off all the artistic patterns. Another thing you can do is play with lights. Add string lights around the full space or a few lanterns to create a warm, cozy, and welcoming atmosphere. 


Keep these few things in mind and start implementing them one by one. We’re sure the balcony will soon become your favorite place to exist and enjoy time to yourself. Just remember to plant out all the outdoor & garden furniture you want, the colour scheme, the decorative items, and finally the lighting. If you’re looking for outdoor furniture in Sydney then Half Price Furniture is your lot. We have some of the best prices for furniture online and a wide range if I might add for you to choose from. Visit our website today to check everything out!

Thanks for reading!