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How to Make The Most of The Space In Your Home

First, check and see if there are any empty unused spaces in your home. You are sure to find someplace around but what can you do with it? In this blog, we’ll discuss how to make these forlorn-looking spaces useful again whether it is a narrow entryway or space under your staircase. We have a few amazing kitchen, bedding, and living room furniture & storage ideas that you can incorporate into your home so make sure to check them out.

Start With The Entrance

First see if everything has a space like unworn shoes, jackets, and even your keys. Once you have organized them in their rightful places check and see where there are open spaces. Having an organized entrance gives the idea of how the rest of your home would look like. Add minimal racks and a key box in case you don’t have any space for your stuff. This will help avoid overcrowding in the entryway. While picking out these racks you can add your personal taste, for example, if you want a more rustic theme then choosing vintage pieces is the way to go, but if you tend to lean more towards contemporary then using neutral-toned minimal shelves is the solution. 

Think High

When you have a small space on your hands it’s better to go high when it comes to storage. By this, we mean to make high raised shelves in your kitchen and living room. You can store away all the not-so-frequently used items there and the rest can be hung on wall hooks. Even in your living or entertainment room, these high raised shelves can be used as makeshift bookcases, to place albums of your favourite artists, or place some other tiny trinkets that mean something to you.

Time For Extra Storage

Take your living room, for example, there are quite a few ways to increase storage space within it. You can either change up the furniture pieces to ones with more storage or you can completely revamp your unused fireplace. Add in some shelves or drawers where you can store away throws and other linens making the best use of the space. You can also try to use solid shaped stools and chairs with removable seats to store away things. 

Now moving on to the bedroom which is by far the place that requires the most storage for all your personal belongings like clothes, memorabilia, some decorative pieces you impulsively bought, and so on. By adding an extra shelf around your wardrobe you have instantaneously increased your storage space.  

Upcycle As Much As You Can

When you start upcycling you let your creative juices flow as you come up with unique ideas on how you can convert a normal day to day item into something you can use for storage. For example, you can pick up some old cabinets and repaint them to make them functional once again or you can take an old ladder and convert it into a rack to hand anything you want. If you just take some time to think of what you need and what you have, you’ll be able to come up with some wonderful storage hacks.

Maintain The Balance

Filling up every nook and cranny in your home isn’t a very good idea. Empty space is also important to create a balance in your home otherwise it would just look way too cramped and cluttered. Other good kitchen, bedding, and living room furniture ideas would be to create a 70-30% ratio between filled and empty spaces. This will ensure your home looks more spaced out as well as having enough space for all your personal belongings. 


Hope this blog gives a bit more insight on all the different things you can do to better organize the stuff you own. Create a balance and make the most of empty spaces. If you are looking for some great storage pieces then shop now from our website or visit our store in St. Marys! It’s a win-win for both your storage requirement and your wallet so get the best quality furniture pieces today!

Thank you so much for reading!