6 Decorating Tips For Arranging Living Room Furniture

When you see a living room the first thing that catches your eye is how the furniture is placed within it. This can be a difficult task to undertake for some but the satisfaction you receive once you execute it is uncompared. You will need to balance out both the practical and aesthetic aspects to make an atmosphere that is welcoming and calm. 

Through this blog, you will gain insight into some tips you must keep in mind before spending all your budget and regretting it later. The tips are as follows:

All About The Focal Point

What is a Focal Point? It is the one point in the room that grabs any person’s attention first. Locate the focal point of your living room as your furniture arrangement will be done to work around it. It can be either some wall art, the fireplace or eye-grabbing floating shelves, but whatever it may be, use it to your advantage. 

You can also create multiple centre points to make it more attractive through the use of unique coffee tables, entertainment & TV units, or small seating chairs.  This will allow the eyes of your guests to locate all the different areas where they can find a nice collection of furniture pieces.

Make Sure It’s Functional

Many times we forget to remember the layout of our room before we invest in some pieces. For example, people who have a small living room area investing in recliner lounges and chairs can cut off free walking areas which can become a major hindering factor in the future. First think about your space, the number of people that may use it, and then decide the kind of style you would like to go for.

Mix And Match

This is one of the most fun parts while deciding your furniture and placing them around the living room. Play with different patterns, textures, and colours, but also keep in mind that you have to maintain the overall aesthetic otherwise it will look like a rainbow bomb went off in your room. When you pick out a bright piece of furniture paired with something that is neutral-toned or follows the greyscale. Show off your creative side while doing this and remember to enjoy it!

Lighting Is Key

When it comes down to lighting it can be used both for making the room more functional as well as help highlight certain areas that you want to stand out. Sconces can be used around the room to provide enough lighting so no dark spaces are formed. Other spotlighting can be used for the areas you would like to highlight either a piece of furniture or artwork. For the spotlighting make sure to go with warm white as that creates a warm and cozy atmosphere as well as it is easy on the eyes. You can also add some lamps on the side tables to create a reading/work area and also some accent lights within bookshelves to really make it pop. 

Aside from the lighting fixtures try to work your furniture around natural lighting as well. This way you can save on electricity during the daytime if a sufficient amount of natural light seeps in. 

Heights And Dimensions

When picking out furniture try to incorporate different sizes and heights in the pieces that can balance each other out like chairs, hall tables, and many others. As you start with larger pieces and then work your way to the smaller ones, this will create a calming atmosphere all around. Play with different textures and materials for your furniture as well to boost the visual appeal of the room. 

On top of this, you can also make a wall gallery or showcase your favourite artwork or even add mirrors. By adding mirrors you create the illusion of there being more visual space and hence making the room seem bigger than it actually is. Other decorations can be added once the main ones have taken their spots. Just remember to not put too many things around because that may make the room feel cluttered and cramped.

Add Vibrant & Colourful Rugs

Rugs are a fun and easy way to implement different colours and textures if you don’t want to do so with your furniture pieces. They are functional and can add depth to your room. There are two ways you can go about when picking a rug. One is that you match the rug to the colour palette you’re maintaining throughout the room. The other is that you can make it stand out with an eye-popping colour to make it the statement piece of your living room.


Hope these tips will guide you on your quest to have a living room best suited to your taste. You can find all the furniture you need for your room from our store. Make sure you browse through our website to check out our wide range of perfect living room furniture in Sydney. You can also drop by our store to check them out in person.

Thanks for reading!