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How to Choose Right Bar Stools For Your Home

There is a lot that bar stools bring to accentuate your living space and enhance its aesthetic appeal. It’s an easy and convenient piece of furniture for when you have to accommodate more guests. The only challenge one can face is choosing the right type of bar stools when shown a wide range.

Many times people go with the classic look but it may now reach the level of comfort they are looking for. Instead of sticking to the norm make sure you take a look at the following factors in order to help you make a wise decision when it comes to purchasing bar stools.

Number of Bar Stools

How many do you need to buy? This depends on the layout and size of your living space. If you have a long countertop opening into a kitchen you can place around 3-4 over there otherwise if the counter top is small then 1-2 stools would be enough for your kitchen furniture. Always make sure to place each stool at least 2 feet apart with sufficient leg room so it doesn’t look cramped and maintains the theme of the room. 

Select the Right Height of Bar Stool

Measuring is everything when buying bar stools. You will have to know the exact distance from the floor to the counter before making your purchase. This is to ensure correct spacing if there is no adjust feature on them. Most bar stools these days come with the option of adjustment which is key as every individual will have their own height preference. But don’t avoid knowing the exact measurements as it is still essential.

Choose Stylish Bar Stools

As the taste of each person varies make sure to add in your personal preference when purchasing since they will surely be the pieces that any guest would pay extra attention to. Depending on the theme you are following you can add neutral bar stools or go the extra mile and use artistic vibrant stools to make them the statement piece. Having bar seating that blends well with the features of your home makes it cozier by maintaining a great consistency in your design.

Comfortable Bar Stools

Aside from the style that suits you, make sure you don’t compromise on comfort because at the end of the day no matter how much your guest appreciates the look of it, it’s the feeling that will give the final nod of approval. To achieve this, cushions that are neither too soft or hard can be used, and having the right lumbar support can help.

The Versatility

What is it that you expect from using barstools? The first list down your needs so you can pick out the stools that suit your needs best. The 6 most important things to look into are:

  • Number
  • Height
  • Style
  • Comfort
  • Design
  • Features

Choose Convenient Bar Stools

Simple features present can go a long way in giving a great first impression. Make sure to take whether or not you want a barstool with or without a back into consideration when shopping. Backless barstools will give you a cleaner and sleeker look and will take up less visual space, which is a key consideration in a small space, but may not be the right choice if you spend a lot of time sitting in the stools. Adjustable bar seats with footrests in your place ensure that all the guests are well accommodated irrespective of their heights. 


The correct bar stool would be one that ties the room together without compromising on comfort. The above tips will make your bar stool hunt a lot easier. Stick with good quality furniture as you make the informed decision for your purchase.

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