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Recliner Sofa Set For Your Living Room: 4 Things You Need To Remember

A living room is the one and sometimes the only place most guests will see in your home. It is the room that leaves an impression on them and gives them a fair idea of how the rest of the house would look like. How you style the room also reflects your personal style and taste. The right furniture in home and the right setup will result in added comfort for both you and your guests. Whatever may be the occasion like game night, a reunion with some old friends, family movie night, or some quality time to yourself, comfortable seating and furniture placement will help leave lasting memories because you won’t have to worry in the back of your head if your guests are having a good time or not. These days recliners have really taken up the market by storm due to their excessive functionality and ultimate comfort. But you can’t just buy the first recliner you lay your eyes on. 

There are a lot of factors to consider before handing in your credit card for the final purchase. Here are a few pointers that you’ll need to remember.

It’s All In The Measurements

First make a complete layout of your room along with the necessary measurements before even thinking about going recliner shopping. This will be the foundation to choose what’s best for your space.  While making the layout keep in mind the way doors and windows open, the TV units, and other pieces like bookshelves, decorative stuff, etc. Also, remember to check the space requirements for each recliner to open out comfortably and not hinder any walking area. 

Research Is Required

After having a fair idea of the space of your room and the size you should opt for, start researching all the different styles, fabric textures and foundation material used. Wear and tear is inevitable with recliners as you open and close them constantly so the internal structure must be sturdy and have a fluid reclining motion. You may have to invest more money to get a higher quality recliner but it is worth it in the long run as lesser quality ones will break faster and you’ll either spend a lot more to keep fixing it.

Another thing to keep in mind is the amount of lumbar support a chair is giving you because you don’t want to end up with a sore back or an aching neck. Try out a few chairs and see what is perfect for your body in terms of support and material. 

Pick Your Recliner Style

This is where the visual aspect comes into play. The shape is one thing to keep in mind depending on the size of the room. On the other hand, the type of fabric chosen is key. These days most people opt for leather as it is more durable and easier to maintain. If you have kids then it is best to go for leather recliners to avoid stains and for easy cleanups. Keeping the theme of your room in mind, pick out what kind of seating goes best for your room and also give you the comfort you want. You can pick from single-seaters to double seaters to a whole recliner lounge depending on the amount of free space you have in your room. 

Check Out The Extra Features In The Recliner

Every recliner has its own set of features and functionalities so it is up to you to pick the one most suited to your requirements. There could be some extra storage space under the armrest, or some cupholders, a button to adjust the reclining motion, and so much more. Not all recliners come with the same kind of features as there are manual recliners as well as the prices also vary in accordance to the number of features present and how advanced they are. 


Keep all the above-mentioned features in mind at all times during the whole selection process and you’ll be able to get the perfect relaxing piece that your home needs. Get the most affordable recliners in Australia only at Half Price Furniture. Whether you’re looking for manual or electric recliners in Sydney we have them all in stock for you! Shop today and enhance the look of your living room area.

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