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Trending Living Room Carpet Designs

Is carpet for floor still trendy in recent times of hard surface flooring? The appeal of the carpet is undeniable for your home, and it is warm and soft underfoot. In recent years, however, hardwoods, luxury vinyl, and other new floor coverings have surpassed the soft covering in popularity. Carpet remains one of the most popular flooring options in Sydney, despite the newest upgrades and advancements in hard surface flooring. 

However, as comfort becomes more important in the face of a worldwide epidemic,  living room carpet idea is making a comeback in key areas of the Sydney home. Carpet manufacturers are also utilising technology to create popular patterns and jaw-dropping new features to ensure that the carpet is just as beautiful and practical as other flooring alternatives.

 Living room carpet gives definition, durability, and comfort to living areas, complementing existing flooring. Rugs and carpets bring colour, warmth, and texture to any space. It’s a quick and effective upgrade: the shift happens right away, so you get immediate gratification.

So, Carpets or rugs? – It’s entirely up to you because they’re practically the same product and do the same function. However, you may choose between a carpet and a rug based on where it will be placed. The key distinction between a rug and a carpet is the size. Rugs are smaller and come in a variety of designs, styles, and sizes, whereas carpets are larger (the sides measure more than 6 feet) and typically occur in rectangles or squares.

Selecting an on-trend living room carpet idea for your Sydney house puts your décor ahead of the curve, providing you with a stylish edge to show off your design sensibility. Here are some of the most important carpet design trends to look out for. 

Our carpet trend emphasises self-expression, from blending bright and strong clashing tones to rich pastel colours, geometric patterns, and intricate patterns.

Try Natural Fiber Carpet for Floor

natural carpet floor

Consider a natural fibre carpet if you’re stuck between carpet and hardwood. Fibre carpet materials like jute, sisal, wool, or seagrass are a wonderful alternative to hardwood since they have a comparable organic look and feel without the price tag or maintenance.

Living room carpets crafted from naturally occurring plant and animal materials sourced from Mother Nature are known as natural fibre rugs. Rugs made of synthetic (man-made) fibres may be treated with chemicals that cause allergic reactions in certain persons. A natural fibre rug is a non-allergenic choice that is not only good for your health but also good for the environment. Rugs made of Sisal, Cotton, Jute, Hemp, and Wool have spun fibres with naturally existing beneficial characteristics.

Go for Animal Print Rug Design

animal print rug design

Consider a bold animal print living room carpet if you want to add a touch of expressionism to your Sydney house. A leopard or cheetah printed rug design is a great way to create a statement in any area and add a lot of texture. Show off your impeccable taste with а gorgeous animal print area rug. Get a small animal print rug as and inject a dose of wilderness into your living room.

Animal print’s vibrant diversity will never go out of style. Gorgeous animal pattern carpets and rugs may be used as a neutral or to give your project a lively, independent vibe. If you’re worried about the space becoming too crowded, keep the rest of the design simple.

Bold Carpet Colors For Floor

bold carpet for floor

In Sydney, Carpet owners are increasingly choosing trendy rug design colours for their living room. Since carpet isn’t a common whole-house floor covering, it can make a statement.

This is especially true in the case of area rugs. Jewel tones, oranges, and purples are all the rage in multi-coloured carpets and rugs. Maximalism is in style right now, so make a statement with your carpet! While flooring was initially intended to serve as a backdrop for other places, many homes, especially the younger ones, are now considering adding carpet in their designs rather than planning around it.

Layering Rugs

layering rug design

Not drawn to the idea of a bold carpet for the floor? The changes you make to your decor don’t have to be permanent. Layering rugs or carpet runners over hard floors is a better alternative.

With the popularity of hard flooring increasing in Sydney in the last few years, homeowners may begin to crave the cosiness of carpets. Furthermore, statement carpets that run the length of a room may feel too busy or out of date with time. Layering rugs, whether on carpet or hardwood floors, is a practical and easy way to add texture to your living room while also integrating another trend: pattern mixing. Sure, the surprising contrast of weaves and rug designs may make guests take a second look, but layered rugs may pop in a fun manner while still pulling a space together.

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Handmade Area Rugs

Specially crafted in Sydney, handmade carpets for the floor are the biggest area rug trend in 2021, taking originality and control one step further. Homeowners want to know where their floor comes from and trust the source. Purchasing a handmade piece makes things personal.

While handmade area rugs are more expensive, they are more creative, artistic, and personal, making them ideal for living rooms that value design and individuality.

As you can see, there is a lot of stuff going on in the carpet industry right now.

You have a lot of options. Regardless of the pattern, each area rug style has something distinctive to offer that holds your home decor together. Well-designed rugs come in all shapes, sizes, colours, and patterns, so which is your rug style 2021? 

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