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4 Ways to Find Your Interior Decorating Style

We believe your Sydney home should reflect you. Do you like rustic charm and casual finishes? The farmhouse is a design that easily blends repurposed materials and comfortable textures while finding a balance between old and modern, so it could be the style for you. The traditional Sydney home decor style is a great option if you want a more traditional, coherent style with matching furnishings and floral prints. Perhaps you like a sleek modern look with clean lines, a neutral palette, and geometric patterns. Don’t confuse it with Contemporary design style, which is characterized by cool colours and cutting-edge designs. Perhaps you prefer high-gloss 70’s glam with loads of textures like velvet, brass, and fake fur.

Knowing your design style can help you narrow down your options. You won’t need to look at every couch at a furniture store because you’ll already know what design you want! And, let’s face it, there are times when there are simply too many decor styles and we need some parameters. Knowing your design style, whether it’s contemporary design or modern design, can assist guide you as we collaborate to create a room you’ll adore.

If you’re having difficulty figuring out what your design style is, here’s a list of key interior design styles to help you figure it out.

Key interior design styles  

Classic Style 

Symmetry, balance, and order are all vital in classic home decor style for all Sydney homes. Conventionally designed rooms are well-thought-out and frequently centre around a prominent focal item. This may be a huge dining table with feature seats on either end or a fireplace with an elegant mirror over. The primary finishes in a classic home are natural woods, stone, and marble, with textiles that are beautiful and not too flamboyant or racy.

Modern interior design style  

Clean lines and a focus on function over design define modern Sydney design styles. In a modern space, you won’t find any extra decorations or ornamental features, as this design is all about simplicity rather than clutter. As a result, a modern interior design style is excellent for smaller spaces with limited space.

Contemporary design style  

Modern and contemporary design styles are sometimes confused, however, there is a difference in appearance. Contemporary merely refers to a style that is popular at the moment, whereas modern focuses on a particular style. Less is more when it comes to achieving a contemporary look, where curves and ornate decoration is avoided. The negative space is considered just as important as the furniture and objects themselves.

Minimalist style

Minimalism is all about reducing black to its bare essentials to create a zen-like environment. The use of basic geometric forms and materials helps to give a feeling of order and quality. Natural light is frequently used, and minimal furniture is selected with care.

Urban style

The urban interior design style combines industrial and contemporary design elements to create a modern, bohemian aesthetic. Concrete flooring, exposed timber beams, steel, and unpainted surfaces are all present. The Urban looks more expensive and polished thanks to sophisticated finishes and high-end custom fittings.

You now understand the several design styles. It’s time to focus on your aesthetics and personal style for your Sydney house.

Here’s how to find your perfect home décor style

Seek Inspiration  

Who are some of your favourite home décor blogs or interior designers? Do some research on Pinterest, Google, or Instagram to get some inspiration from their work. Maybe you prefer simple, colourful patterns with a dash of glam thrown in for good measure. Getting interior design styles ideas from a variety of places, such as these, is a terrific approach to start figuring out what you like and dislike.

Look at your current decor  

Take notes as you walk through your home. Make a list of the furniture, paintings, and accessories you adore in each space, as well as a separate list of those you wish you could replace. Then, look through your list of favourite items to identify what they all have in common and write those down. Keep that list with you whenever you make a house purchase–it will serve as a fantastic reminder to stay true to your home decor style!

Take an online quiz  

There are several online quizzes available to assist you in defining your decorating style. Take a few of the design style tests at your leisure. If they all come out the same way, you’re on the correct track. They’re entertaining and may truly help you create your interior design style.

Consider Your Lifestyle   

While decorating your home, you must consider your lifestyle and the people that live in it. Do you have any children? A dog that sheds? Seat covers may be the perfect solution for you if you don’t want to be concerned about red wine stains on your couch. You may just toss the slipcover in the washing machine. Fabrics and materials have a huge role in a piece of furniture’s longevity, so do your homework to determine whether it fits your lifestyle and can withstand your family’s demands.

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When it comes to defining your home decor style, the most essential thing to remember is to be true to yourself. Don’t let trends or other people’s expectations determine what you “should” have in your home. It all comes down to what makes you the happiest and how you can create a home you like. Your style should reflect your life and personality; own it, be proud of it, and express yourself. Except for you, no one has to understand or accept your insane ideas!

Thank you for reading!