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The Ultimate Guide On How To Furnish A Rental Property

While hiring a professional to redecorate a rental property is an option, it’s not always the most practical. It can be costly, and then there’s the risk of over-decorating and making the property feel more like a show home than a place for people to live. The best way to decorate a rental property is to do it yourself – and that’s where our guide comes in.

Whether you’re looking to update the style of a piece of furniture or just want to add a new feature to make your rental feel more like home, there are plenty of ways to update your rental property without spending a fortune. Here are some of our favourite tips for how to furnish a rental property without breaking the bank.

Choose Portable Items  

If you’re thinking of investing in some furnishing for your rental property, then we’ve got some tips for you. Instead of investing in expensive pieces of furniture, we recommend choosing smaller, more portable items such as side tables for flexible living instead of coffee tables, bar carts, place a hat stands and baskets to add some style without taking up too much space. 

These are great ideas to implement for when you need extra living space and want to be able to move them out when you need to. Another way to update the look of your rental property without spending a fortune is by choosing different furniture pieces for each room. You can also change the look of your walls with art prints, oversized artworks or cluster smaller prints together on a sideboard. 

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Use The Space Well  

Modular sofas can be configured to nearly any living room layout, making them a good choice if you’re planning on moving soon. An island gives you an extra bench room and you can store things underneath it.

Rental homes always have storage restrictions. You cannot remove walls or insert custom cabinets, but you can find plenty of furniture that has added storage.

We have lots of options for sofas, beds and tables that all have storage built into them.

If you need more storage in your kitchen, think about getting a bench cart, trolley, table, or bookshelf. They’ll add style and function to the space.

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Adding Texture And Layering  

A rug not only conceals uneven flooring, but it also muffles sound and provides comfort underfoot because rugs provide comfort underfoot as well. Rugs can also help to protect your flooring from wear and tear, and they can add a pop of colour or pattern to a room.

To achieve a balanced and cohesive look, colour coordinates your cushions and throws using one colour palette. Remember to mix up different fabrics and shapes to create a layered look.

If your bathroom looks tired, get some super plush towels to distract the eye, and an oversized bathroom mat to hide any weary flooring.

What Types Of Furniture Should You Buy?    

While renting home furnishing, it’s important to get furniture that will fit the décor and feel of the property. You don’t want to spend a lot of money on pieces that will soon become dated or unusable. Instead, choose pieces that will blend in with the rental furnishings and make your home stand out from other properties. 

When choosing furniture for a rental property, you’ll want to consider the following factors: 

  • The size of the room: Certain pieces of furniture are better suited for smaller rooms, while others are better for larger rooms. 
  • The style of the room: Some furniture, such as modular seating, is designed to be easily movable. This means that it can be used in different parts of the room depending on the occasion. 
  • The price: Some high-quality pieces of furniture are expensive, but they’ll last longer and look better than cheaper alternatives. 

Here Are Some Tips To Help You Find The Perfect Furniture For Your Rental Property 

  • Start by looking at what’s already in the room. If there’s any existing furniture that you could adapt or reuse, do so first. This will save your time and money.
  • Once you’ve decided what to look for, check out the types of furniture sold at local stores or online. You want to see what different stores have in stock, but be careful not to buy anything before you’ve looked at all the options available.
  • If you can afford the best, then do so! Just remember that if it breaks down and has to be replaced, you’ll need to find a new tenant quickly. 
  • When it comes to finding furniture on the internet, ask your friends and family for advice. They may know someone who owns a house and wants to hire a tenant as they may even know someone who knows someone else who’s looking for a place with lots of room and good furniture! 

When it comes to rental home furnishing and decorating your rental property, there is no one-size-fits-all answer. Every rental property is different, which means that the same approach might not be ideal for all of them. In this article, we will provide you with a comprehensive guide on how to furnish and decorate your rental property regardless of its size and type. From selecting the right furniture and fixtures to choosing the right colors and styles, we have everything you need to get started. So don’t wait any longer — start furnishing your rental property today!