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Recliner Lounges Are On The Rise: Why You Should Buy One

The popularity of recliners nowadays has proved that they’re timeless, practical, and versatile in style. You can get a recliner with faux suede upholstery or leather upholstery, cup holders or USB ports for all the modern conveniences, and have the comfort of your own home. There are many resemblances between retro designs and the sleek, modern design of modern furniture. The demand for recliners is on the rise, with more businesses and people buying them from the best furniture stores in sydney.

Here we guide you to learn the different reasons why you should invest in a recliner lounge available in vivid categories in Sydney, Australia.

Reclining Armchairs – Leather and Upholstered Reclining Armchairs  

Reclining Armchairs by half price furniture

The resurgence of recliners is relaxation at its finest. Recliner Lounge and upholstered recliners offer a luxurious experience that is perfect for relaxing after a long day. Whether you are looking for a permanent spot to curl up with a book or just need a break during the day, recliners are a perfect choice.

2 Seater, 3 Seater, 5 Seater Leather Recliner Lounge   

2 Seater, 3 Seater, 5 Seater Leather Recliner Lounge by HPF

Relaxation is now a chic trend, and there’s no better way to get that relaxation than by indulging in a good modern recliner sofa. These recliner sofas come with a variety of features that can make your relaxation experience even more enjoyable. The classic leather recliner sofas radiate luxe modernity, luxury and give relaxation.  

Some of the most important features of leather recliners are the comfortable seats and the wide range of options when it comes to customization. You can choose 2 seater,  3 seater, or 5 seater  from a variety of fabrics and leathers, as well as different seat heights and widths.

In addition to being comfortable, leather recliners also come with a number of other benefits. For one, they’re perfect for media junkies who want to relax while watching their favourite shows or movies. They also make great living rooms or bedrooms, as they offer plenty of space for seating and relaxing.

If you’re looking for a way to get the most out of your relaxation time, leather recliners, armchairs or sofas are the perfect option. They come with a range of features that make them both comfortable and stylish, making them the perfect choice for anyone looking for a new way to relax. An upholstered leather recliner armchair provides a supple, luxurious feel, as well as stain-resistant properties for peace of mind with kids running amok.

Select your piece of comfort and luxury from the range of recliners available with us online or in our Sydney store. We have a wide selection of modern recliners from the Capital Lounge (Electric) to our best selling Tyson Lounge with LHF/RHF chaise

Reclining Sofa Bed with Ottoman  

Reclining Sofa Bed with Ottoman by half price furniture

Indulge in a little luxury and relax on a recliner-sofa bed with an ottoman combo? Whether you’re watching your favourite show or simply kicking back for a quick nap, these comfortable seats will help you get the relaxation you need. Not to mention, they’re perfect for small spaces or bonus rooms. So why not add one to your home today?

Why You Should Buy a Modern Recliner   

 Modern Recliner from half price furniture

There are plenty of reasons to buy a recliner these days. Whether you’re looking for a comfortable place to relax after a long day or you need a spot to take a nap during the morning, recliners have become one of the most popular furniture pieces in homes across Australia. Here are some reasons why you should consider adding one to your home.


3+1+1 fabric recliner by half price furniture

Nowadays, Recliners are becoming increasingly popular among younger generations as a means of relaxation and comfort.  They’re great for Relaxation. When you’re sitting in a recliner chair, you’re able to relax your entire body. This can help improve overall circulation and reduce stress levels. Plus, the plush seating and gentle motion can help make you feel more comfortable and relaxed.

Designed for Care  

leather recliner from half price furniture

The various recliner adjustments offer comfort and optimum support for the contours of your back, such as an adjustable back and foot rests. You can thus fully enjoy your leisure time without fear of uncomfortable seating.


3 seater leather recliner from half price furniture

A recliner can be placed in any room. If you’ve had a busy day, you can curl up in your bedroom with a book or relax. In addition to recliners that come with 1, 2 or 3 seaters, you can also watch shows while recliners are available with 1, 2, and 3 seaters.

Senior Citizen Friendly  

Black fabric recliner by half price furniture

There is no doubt that recliners are becoming a popular choice for older adults. In fact, recliner chairs are now seen as a senior citizen-friendly choice because they can provide a lot of comfort and relaxation. This is especially true if you have arthritis or other conditions that make it difficult to move around.

There are many different types of recliners that are perfect for seniors, including power recliners, manual recliners, and hydraulic recliners. Power recliners are the most popular type because they allow you to adjust the height and the angle of the backrest. Manual recliners also offer a lot of flexibility, but they don’t have the power of a power recliner. Hydraulic recliners are the best option for seniors because they offer both flexibility and power. They can be adjusted to any position, and they also have a footrest that can be raised or lowered.

If you’re looking for a comfortable place to relax, consider investing in a recliner lounge. They’re a great choice for seniors who want to remain independent and comfortable at home. We have experienced designers in Sydney who can help you pick the right recliner for your space.

Good Health  

Grey fabric recliner by half price furniture

Since people spend so much time in front of their laptops, or suffer from issues of the spine in general, it is best to have a recliner chair with a headrest and a footrest that can be adjusted. It relieves your back from strain and your spine from pain from sitting for long hours.

Studies have shown that reclining can help improve blood circulation, reduce stress levels, and even lower heart rates. So why not try out a recliner for yourselves and see how you feel? You may just find that it’s the new way to feel good about yourself!

Togetherness Time  

2 seater black leather recliner from half price furniture

Binge-watching on your recliner allows you to bond with your friends and relax. Home theatre systems can be made more comfortable by using recliners. We recommend our Pearl Lounge 2 seater for couples who love watching movies while cuddling together.

Conclusion   H2

If you’re looking for a comfortable place to sit, modern recliners should definitely be on your list of places to explore. Not only do they provide a great way to relax and unwind after a long day, but recliners also offer remarkable health benefits that can help improve your overall quality of life. So if you’re in the market for a new piece of furniture, don’t miss out on the awesome recliner options available today!