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6 Ways to Style Sofa Like a Pro

A statement sofa is a versatile piece of your Sydney living room that may be used for a variety of purposes. It not only serves as the focal point of the living room, but it also allows you to add character and drama to your drawing room design, you can buy it from discount furniture stores. But are you tired of staring at the same boring sofa every day? We’re here to give some fantastic sofa decoration ideas that will help your statement sofa look even more stylish. Instead of just tossing a pillow in each corner and calling it a day, take a look at our best ideas for a unique spin on an age-old decor conundrum.

So, let’s get started!

Light It Up!  

Lightings add essence and vibe to your sofa decoration, irrespective of the ambience in your Sydney home, which can range from bold to eclectic. To add elegance, hang a bouquet of filament lamps or even a chandelier right above your statement style sofa. Ceiling spotlights can also work wonders for your statement sofa. A conventional lamp will offer height to your favourite seating spot while also highlighting it. Warm lights will create a nice mood, and a vividly coloured lampshade will complement your decor.

Add Some Pillows to Style Sofa  

Throw pillows for sofa decoration are your best option for a modern design as they’re both comfortable and elegant. They come in a variety of sizes and shapes, and they quickly add charm and character to your space. Experiment with a variety of textures and colours to achieve the desired effect. Pair a set of slouchy square pillows in one corner of the sofa with a smaller, rectangular-shaped pillow in the centre of the other cushion for a Scandi-inspired, minimalist aesthetic. Try putting together a trio of geometrically patterned cushions. Place them between each sofa cushion for a grounded, yet casually rustic aesthetic.

Try Sofa Runners for Sofa Decoration   

To style a sofa, a  sofa runner can be used to give a pop of colour to your sofa. The vibrant prints that are available can make a big difference in a neutral-toned sofa. You might alternatively go with a simple runner in a similar or related colour palette. Wrap the runner vertically along one side or put it on the upholstery for a fresh twist for your sofa decoration. Choose patterned lightweight throws to brighten a room in the spring/summer, and switch for a thick wool throw in the autumn/winter. You may also drape your fabric over the seat cushions, which will protect the fabric from dogs, cats, and toddlers while also preserving it.

Sofa Design Ideas: Add Some Art    

It involves not just decorating it alone but also its surroundings in order to draw attention to it. The most opulent aspect to style the sofa in your living room wall design is probably art. It can be too boring to match the colours of your statement sofa, but if the art frame behind your sofa contains shades of colour, it can accentuate in the nicest way imaginable. Painting frames in contrasting colours can also help create a sense of balance.

Sofa Decoration Ideas: Add Some Greenery     

Adding potted plants in sofa decoration ideas is a simple but effective move. Plantlife and wood accents, for example, bring tranquillity and calmness to a home’s ambience. Adding potted plants to the space around the sofa might be a great way to make it feel more relaxed. Larger plants behind the sectional might appear attractive while also helping you generate the perfect mood if you have adequate space. Small potted plants on your coffee table or side tables, on the other hand, may bring your sofa to life.

Potted plants, like throw pillows, can be scaled up or down—a small piece of greenery on the table with a larger counterpart adjacent can expand the sensation of serenity while also linking it into the overall design scheme.

Consider the Wider Perspective  

Sofas aren’t used on their own; they’re part of a larger picture: the living room of your Sydney home. This means that when you start to style a sofa, you need to think about the surroundings as well. The floor lamp on which you read your favourite book, the side table on which you place your cup of tea, and the statement art just behind the sofa all contribute to the flawless decoration. Rather than letting each piece compete for attention, use complementary décor that will serve to unify the space.

Step out of your comfort zone and try one of these trendy statement sofa decoration ideas to give your Sydney home that wow factor, whether you like elegant or traditional home design ideas. Allow your sofa to take centre stage and speak for your exquisite sense of style.