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Trending Kitchen Design Ideas for your Rental House

Is your rental kitchen in serious need of a makeover?

Most rental kitchens in Sydney lack style, with furniture that is either old-fashioned or dull in colour. Bad flooring, such as old tiles, might distract from the aesthetic of your kitchen. Although your Sydney apartment isn’t going to be your everlasting home, there’s no excuse to put up with a bad interior design. The best part of renting a property is the sense of independence and the limitless possibilities for DIY interior decoration.

To fully transform your kitchen into a stylish corner of your home, creativity and a plethora of kitchen decor ideas are needed. We have listed these 10 cost-effective ideas that will help you build a magnificent kitchen without breaking the bank or upsetting your landlord.

Add a Simple Rug to your Rental Kitchen Floor   

Broken, worn-out, and discoloured tiles are common in rental kitchens.

One of the simplest rental kitchen ideas is to use a patterned rug to distract from the flooring. To increase your kitchen’s design appeal, choose rich textures or vibrant hues. Make sure to choose a material that is easy to clean and maintain.

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Change Hardware Fittings   

It’s often the tiny details that have the biggest impact! You can update the look of your kitchen with this easy idea without spending a lot of money on major items like plumbing by just changing the cabinet hardware. Install new cabinet handles and drawer pulls for a quick makeover.

101 Rental Kitchen Ideas: Try Open Shelves  

Open shelving can help you clean and get rid of unwanted pots, pans, and other kitchen utensils while also giving your kitchen a fresh look. Use eye-catching opaque containers in your rental kitchen to store items you’d rather keep hidden — they may also serve as appealing centrepieces.

Use Pots & Pans as a Rental Kitchen Decor   

Storage is typically lacking in Sydney’s rental kitchens. If this is the case in your kitchen, keep your pots and pans out of the cabinet. Install a panel on an empty wall or get a handy wall-friendly pot rack. These kitchen decorating ideas will also help if you have a set of cookware that you want to show off.

Add Lighting Fixtures   

Your kitchen’s functionality and aesthetic may both be affected by poor lighting. A normal ceiling light plus a couple of smaller ones over the sink and stove is about as good as it gets in the typical kitchen. Your rescue plan for rental kitchen decor ideas doesn’t have to be expensive. To brighten up your rental kitchen, consider installing lights, bulbs, or LED strip lighting below the cabinets. Focus on light sources that don’t require any electrical work, and place new fixtures in the same locations where the old ones are wired.

Add a Few Plants in Rental Kitchen   

A splash of green may liven up a dull kitchen. Plants give your kitchen a vibrant and fresh vibe. For this rental kitchen decor idea get a leafy money plant the next time you go to the florist to refresh your kitchen. Choose indoor types or set your plant near a window to ensure it receives adequate light.

Put on Wallpapers   

To brighten up your kitchen shelves, use removable wallpaper. Wallpaper is a basic yet efficient temporary solution that comes in a wide range of designs and colours. You may use removable wallpapers to cover the cabinets or provide an attractive background for your open shelves. For this rental apartment kitchen decorating idea choose colours and patterns that complement your kitchen’s current décor rather than competing with it.

Add Stylish Organiser Rack to your Rental Kitchen Decor    

With this rental kitchen idea, choose a pretty open storage rack to instantly transform your wall from bare to elegant. If you have an old unit laying around, a fresh coat of paint will transform it into something worthy of your kitchen wall. Alternatively, you might get a whole new unit. Use your shelf to hold bottles and containers, as well as decorative plates and saucers.

Buy Colourful Furniture   

Consider fitting in some stylish bar stools for extra sitting at the counter or island for an appealing flash of colour. They’re also quite portable, so you can move them from room to room when you have visitors. These furniture pieces are not expensive and are easily available in sydney.

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Add a Statement Mirror to Rental Kitchen   

Add a statement mirror to your rental kitchen decor and experience how it transforms the space. It’ll provide the same sense of more space and reflect light in your kitchen, lighting it up. Add a versatile mirror that is readily available in different shapes and sizes!

Our kitchens are an important part of our homes, and they deserve nothing less. Try out these ideas and discover how quickly you can transform your kitchen into an interesting part of your home. Do not forget to visit our website and if you are sydneysider then do visit our store for a wide range of furniture and homewares.

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