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Storage Ideas for a Small House You Never Thought Of!

We’ve all experienced the inconvenience of having too many things and nowhere to put them, so clutter piles up. Innovative storage ideas for limited spaces might help you regain your home’s balance. Whether you live in a studio apartment, a small house, or simply don’t have enough storage space in your Sydney home, there is a solution for you!

Looking for ways to maximize storage for homes and organize your small living space? There are many options to give your things a place without making your home feel cluttered, from transforming your staircase into a closet to building hidden shelves for a pantry. We’ll show you how to manage your Sydney home with storage space options you can find at Half Price Furniture.

With our complete room-by-room guide to storage solutions for a small house, you can give your small house a storage makeover.

Our Favourite Storage Space Ideas

Use Under Stairs Storage for home

Make your unique small Sydney home’s staircases work twice as hard by turning them into storage drawers! This home storage idea will make more room for clothes, outdoor gear, children’s toys, and other things. Adding cabinet doors and compartments to use as a drop zone for shoes and coats, an extra closet for your clothes, or even a kitchen pantry is one of the best tiny house storage ideas.

Space Storage Ideas for Seatings

Do you want to create more hidden storage for your small house? Seating with built-in drawers or compartments is a great storage space idea! This is a simple method to keep your family room neat while keeping important items close at hand. If you’re seeking a more budget-friendly option, consider storage ottomans or DIY benches.

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Home Storage Idea under Flooring

Add small house storage under your flooring to put your DIY skills to the test! Yes, one of the smart storage ideas is to use your flooring to keep your belongings. Install some pull-out drawers for your clothes, or use this secret storage compartment to keep any belongings hidden and safe. This storage option offers a lot of space for you to store your important things while also helping you hide the clutter.

Use empty space above cabinets

The space above kitchen and bathroom cupboards is often neglected. Place stylish storage boxes or wicker baskets on top of cabinets to store items that you need but don’t use on a regular basis and out of the way to make the most of every square inch of your small house! This home storage idea option makes use of space that would otherwise go unnoticed yet has a lot of storage space.

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Save space with a pullout bed

Consider a pullout bed instead of a whole bedroom if you’re living in a small house in Sydney either alone or with a roommate. This is excellent for clearing space and adding storage—not to mention the fact that you can effortlessly bring your bed out when you’re ready to sleep and store it when you don’t!

Try Vertical Storage Space Ideas

For small spaces, utilizing vertical space, such as behind-the-door storage, is a smart solution. Those essential square feet can be put to good use, especially when it comes to keeping small objects that would otherwise clutter up rooms. The back of this door to other essentials is covered with a variety of slim metal baskets—better to keep goods accessible.

On the wall Pot Rack    

Use this storage idea for your kitchen. Put your pipes on display with a copper pot rack to create a Victorian-era aesthetic without having to rip the plumbing out of the wall. This cookware holder may be put together in a matter of hours using common plumbing parts. Push-together tees and elbows eliminate the need for messy soldering, while brass polish restores the copper’s shine.

Hang Magnetic Wall Organiser

Because of the magnetic properties of such wall organizers, it’s ideal for kitchen storage ideas; you can place it immediately on the side of your refrigerator to make more space in a small kitchen. It’s made of wood and iron, and it has a lot of different sections, including hooks on the bottom, a shelf, and even a paper towel holder, so you can put a lot of different things on it.

Stagger Shelves

Uniform, boxy shelving shelves can overwhelm a small space, making it appear even smaller than it is. Instead, look for ladder-style furnishings with narrowing shelves at the top. This can help to lighten both the look and feel of a space while also providing useful ideas for a variety of items.

Keep stuff under the bed      

A lifted bed or a bed frame with built-in storage will instantly increase the storage space for homes. During the warmer months, a loft bed is great for storing sweaters, slacks, or extra blankets, while a frame with built-in storage may provide shoes and books with a designated spot out of the way.

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You’ve seen 10 brilliant storage ideas that were inspired by small house design. Some of these ideas are simple and need only small modifications to your décor or furnishings, while others are custom works that must be built from the ground up. All of them, on the other hand, inspire you to take a much broader view of the small space you live in!

Thank you for reading!