Mixing Styles: Creating Eclectic Spaces with Furniture in Australia


In the world of interior design, there’s a growing trend toward creating eclectic spaces that blend various styles and eras. Gone are the days of strict adherence to a single design aesthetic. Instead, homeowners and decorators in Australia are embracing the concept of mixing different styles to create unique and visually captivating interiors. In this blog post, we will explore the art of mixing traditional and rustic decor, incorporating romantic eclectic elements, seamlessly blending old and new furniture, and achieving a harmonious balance between vintage and modern decor.

Mixing Traditional and Rustic Decor 

One way to create an eclectic space is by combining traditional and rustic elements. This juxtaposition of styles can result in a warm and inviting ambiance that showcases both elegance and simplicity. Start by selecting foundational pieces with traditional lines and detailing, such as a classic upholstered sofa or an antique wooden dining table. Pair these with rustic accents like a reclaimed wood coffee table or distressed metal lighting fixtures. The key is to strike a balance between the refined and the rough, allowing each piece to complement and enhance the other.

Incorporating Romantic Eclectic Decor

For those seeking a more whimsical and romantic atmosphere, incorporating eclectic elements with a touch of romance can be an exciting approach. Soft, pastel hues like blush pink, mint green, or lavender can serve as the backdrop for this style. Look for vintage-inspired furniture pieces, such as a curvaceous French armchair or a tufted velvet chaise lounge. Enhance the romantic vibe with delicate floral prints on curtains or throw pillows. Accessorize with vintage-inspired trinkets like lace doilies, antique picture frames, and ornate candle holders to complete the look.

Blending Old and New Furniture

Mixing old and new furniture is an excellent way to add character and depth to your interior design scheme. In Australia, homeowners are increasingly drawn to this eclectic approach. To achieve a harmonious blend, select a few key pieces of vintage furniture, such as an antique dresser or a mid-century modern armchair, and pair them with contemporary items like a sleek glass coffee table or a minimalist bookshelf. This fusion creates a visual narrative that speaks to the history of design while embracing the present.

Balancing Vintage and Modern Decor

In the realm of eclectic interior design, finding a balance between vintage and modern elements is essential. This approach allows for the seamless integration of contrasting styles and creates a truly eclectic space. For instance, you could combine a sleek, modern sectional sofa with a vintage-inspired side table or a mid-century modern dining set with contemporary pendant lighting. The key is to find common elements such as color palette, materials, or shapes that tie the pieces together.

Embracing Cultural Fusion

Australia’s diverse cultural landscape provides an excellent opportunity to incorporate cultural fusion into eclectic spaces. Mixing styles from different cultures can result in visually stunning interiors that celebrate the beauty of diversity. For example, you can blend traditional Aboriginal art with modern Scandinavian furniture to create a captivating fusion of indigenous and minimalist aesthetics. Integrate Moroccan-inspired textiles, such as vibrant rugs or intricately patterned cushions, into a contemporary living room for an eclectic bohemian vibe. Embracing cultural fusion not only adds depth to your design but also pays homage to the rich tapestry of cultures that make up Australia.

Layering Textures and Materials

In eclectic spaces, texture plays a crucial role in adding visual interest and depth. By layering different textures and materials, you can create a tactile experience that engages all the senses. Mix and match smooth surfaces with rough finishes, such as pairing a sleek leather sofa with a chunky knit throw or placing a glossy glass coffee table on a textural jute rug. Incorporate natural materials like wood, stone, or rattan alongside metallic accents to create a balanced composition. The combination of textures and materials adds dimension to the space, making it visually appealing and inviting.

Playing with Colors and Patterns

Eclectic spaces invite experimentation with colors and patterns. Rather than sticking to a single color scheme, embrace a mix of hues that complement each other. You can incorporate vibrant pops of color through accessories like artwork, throw pillows, or rugs, while maintaining a neutral base with furniture pieces. When it comes to patterns, feel free to combine different motifs such as geometric, floral, or tribal prints. Stripes, checks, and polka dots can also be mixed with bolder patterns for an eclectic look. The key is to find a common thread that ties the various colors and patterns together, creating a cohesive and visually stimulating environment.

Creating Visual Hierarchy

While eclectic spaces celebrate the fusion of different styles, it is crucial to create visual hierarchy to avoid a cluttered or chaotic appearance. Start by selecting a focal point in each room, such as a statement piece of furniture or a captivating artwork. Arrange the remaining pieces around this focal point, ensuring that they enhance rather than compete for attention. Use elements like rugs, lighting fixtures, or accent walls to guide the eye and create a sense of flow. By establishing visual hierarchy, you can strike a balance between the diverse elements and create a harmonious and inviting space.

Personalizing the Eclectic Mix

One of the most significant advantages of eclectic design is the freedom to personalize your space. Incorporate elements that reflect your personality, interests, and experiences. Display cherished heirlooms or travel souvenirs alongside contemporary art or handmade crafts. Mix and match furniture pieces that have sentimental value with new finds that resonate with your style. By infusing your personal touch, you can create a space that tells your story and evokes a sense of nostalgia and warmth.


The art of mixing styles and creating eclectic spaces with furniture is an exciting and evolving trend in Australia’s interior design scene. By incorporating traditional and rustic decor, infusing romantic eclectic elements, blending old and new furniture, and achieving a balance between vintage and modern elements, you can transform your space into a visually captivating and unique haven. Embrace your creativity, experiment with different combinations, and let your personality shine through in the eclectic fusion of styles. Whether you’re a fan of classic elegance, rustic charm, romantic whimsy, or contemporary minimalism, there’s an eclectic style waiting to be discovered and curated just for you. So go ahead, mix it up, and create a truly one-of-a-kind space that reflects your individuality and design sensibilities.