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How To Set Up A Perfect Outdoor Setting This Summer Season

Now that the holiday season is here in Sydney, it’s the ideal time to get your outside space ready for long summer days and nights spent entertaining family and friends.

Creating your perfect outdoor setting in which to relax, rejuvenate, and reconnect with nature is just as vital as boosting your energy levels and restoring everyone at the end of a busy year.

The days are pleasant, and the pace is slow, it’s the perfect time to unwind. Outside, in the quiet privacy of your own backyard, is the ideal spot to spend your leisure hours. It’s time to design – or simply glam up – your outdoors. You don’t even need a lot of room, a balcony or patio can suffice. So we’ve put together a great list of alfresco living ideas, from how to decorate a summer outdoor living to how to create a lovely furnished space, so you can party in style and comfort.

Creating The Perfect Outdoor Dining Atmosphere 

Nothing beats a good old-fashioned get-together with friends and loved ones when it comes to backyard soirees in Sydney. Keeping this in mind, you might want to consider investing in a few outdoor dining that will make entertaining even more memorable. Investing in an electric portable BBQ, which you can use to prepare dozens of great meals for friends and family, is one of my top recommendations. Investing in a small outdoor dining set is also a great option because it will provide a separate area for visitors to enjoy their meals while sipping wine and engaging in stimulating conversation!

Seating – The More, The Merrier!   

Creating as many seats as possible, in addition to an outdoor lounge set, is a terrific way to accommodate big groups of family and friends. You may discover a broad number of seating alternatives at your local furniture or hardware store, depending on the type and atmosphere you want to create. Lounge chairs, lounge sets, and iron or timber benches,are some of the most popular outdoor sitting options in Sydney. They offer old-fashioned elegance to any environment. Creative solutions like bean bags or a pod chair are fantastic ways to add a comfortable touch to any backyard if you really want to create a distinctive outdoor entertaining area.

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Light It Up 

Using various lighting styles to your advantage is an excellent approach to creating a warm and inviting environment with outdoor dining sets. The most popular outdoor lighting solutions have to be fairy lights and lanterns, which instantly add magic to outdoor dining. String lights are also a terrific alternative, and solar-powered versions can be found at any hardware shop. If you plan on having a lot of evening entertainment, path lights are a terrific addition because they keep your outdoor space properly illuminated, preventing friends and family from stumbling or falling over. When it comes to lighting options, there is no right or wrong answer; choose what best suits the atmosphere you want to create!

Keep Outdoor Setting Warm and Cosy   

Weather can be unpredictable in Sydney, which is why we always recommend preparing for all the elements, regardless of what season you may be in. Summer is no stranger to dipping temperatures come nightfall and ensuring that you are able to keep your guests warm and cozy is key. You have two options when it comes to heating — electric outdoor heating or you could do it the old-school way with a fire pit. Most electric patio heaters offer radiant heat that can reach up to 15 meters square, making them viable options for large outdoor settings. Fire pits, on the other hand, create a more intimate setting with outdoor dining sets that encourages socialization and late-night cuddles. 

Pile On The Pillows on Outdoor Lounge Set   

You know what they say: you can never have too many pillows. This is why we recommend adding a variety of cushions, blankets, and throw rugs to your outdoor lounge set to increase the comfort and style aspect. This is where you can really play with color and establish the mood, so choose the right color scheme with outdoor dining sets whether it’s nautical whites and blues for a maritime design or colorful pinks and greens for a contemporary vibe. Don’t be afraid to mix prints and buy a variety of cushions and pillows in all shapes and sizes. The more pillows you have, the better!

Incorporate Greenery For An Organic Feel  

Without some colorful foliage, what would the ideal outdoor setting be? You undoubtedly already have grass in your backyard, but there’s so much more you can do with greenery if you want to make it genuinely appealing. Incorporate some tropical plants and ferns into your room with the help of lovely, distinctive planters to let your place feel far removed from the cares of daily life. Caladiums, Persian Shield, Oakleaf Hydrangeas, and tropical Agave plants are all low-maintenance garden plants. If you have a shaded spot in your backyard, plants like Monsteras and Fiddle Leaf Figs are excellent choices. The possibilities are unlimited, so get creative with your plants!

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