How To Keep Your Furniture Protected When Relocating

One of the most difficult challenges in preparing for a relocation is determining how to properly safeguard your furnishings. Whether you’re moving house furniture alone or with the help of professionals, you should always take care of your furniture. Your most expensive (and hefty) possessions should arrive at your new Sydney home undamaged. Without the necessary safeguards, glass can break, upholstery can shred, and wood furniture can become gouged. Buying affordable furniture in Australia everytime can be difficult so in this article learn how to protect your furniture during every stage of your move.

Acquire Packing Material 

It’s a popular misconception that you just need a few cardboard boxes, packing tape, and moving blankets to pack and safeguard your possessions. While these things will function, spending a little more money on additional goods will guarantee a smooth transition to your new house or storage facility. At your Sydney’s neighborhood hardware store or online, you can buy the following extras for your furniture

● Sealable plastic bags

● Protective sheets for furniture (plastic, cardboard)

● Sofa and mattress covers

● Heavy duty bubble wrap

● Plastic stretch wrap

Organize Furniture For Packing In      

Make sure to use protective sheets for furniture, thorough cleaning and dusting before you begin packing. During the moving process, dust and other particles can harm hard surfaces. Cleaning the furniture before you move will help prevent you from bringing more dirt into your new residence.

Remove any knobs, casters, or pulls from your furniture. Desks and dressers should have their drawers removed so that other objects can be placed inside. You have more storage space as a result, and you can move heavy furniture more easily.

Take Apart Furniture Beforehand   

Always thoroughly disassemble your furniture. Couches and tables should be without their legs. Disassemble bed frames fully. Removing the cushions In other words, take apart furniture if it can be done so securely.

By doing this, the furniture will be simpler to transport and less likely to scratch up walls or door frames. Additionally, it will make packing your moving vehicle simpler. Consider the following advice:

  • Always study the owner’s handbook, if one is available, to learn the proper way to dismantle furniture.
  • To store the screws and other hardware for each piece of furniture. To stop any hardware from slipping out of the bag, tape it firmly to the object.
  • Use masking tape and a marker to indicate the locations of each piece of furniture’s many parts. This will do a lot to keep your furnishings safe.
  • When disassembling and reassembling, be gentle with the drill. Avoid the chance of stripping the screws. Use the appropriate size drill bit for the task and reduce the torque setting.
  • To save time on moving day, take disassembling furniture the day before into consideration.

Adopt Correct Furniture Wrapping Techniques   

When it comes to moving house furniture safely, heavy duty bubble wrap and protective sheets for furniture (plastic sheet) are two of the best tools at your disposal. To preserve delicate wood pieces, use heavy duty bubble wrap. 

You should use plastic wrap or specially made plastic sofa covers to protect your upholstered furniture. Old blankets or packing blankets will do in a pinch. 

Putting corrugated cardboard sheets in between wooden pieces is another smart move. This provides additional defense and helps avoid dents or scratches when the furniture is in the truck.

Create A Placement Strategy    

Take the time to arrange how you will load your belongings onto the moving truck. You and your movers will find this to be helpful.

  1. Beginning with the back of the truck, build a wall of boxes. To stop boxes from slipping, they should all be the same size, sealed, and well packed. For this part, pick the heaviest boxes you have, making sure they don’t include any fragile objects. It will add to the stability.
  2. Any square furniture, like desks or dressers, should be moved in. Put them up against the wall of your box for more padding. Use corrugated cardboard or packing blankets to separate the pieces.
  3. Use the dressers’ tops to store additional boxes, but make sure they are light and packed tightly to prevent slipping.
  4. Next, place the mattresses. If you haven’t wrapped your mattress, lay a blanket on the floor to shield it from dust.
  5. Upholstered furniture requires special maintenance. Choose the goods that will be put around the pieces carefully and use rope to secure them to the truck’s hooks. Despite the fact that you covered your upholstered objects, add an additional layer of packing blankets for security.
  6. Remember to be careful when unloading the truck as well. Assure that the movers have a clear path to each room. It will be less likely to sustain damage if you spend less time locating the ideal location to set down your bulky furniture.

Moving house furniture and your other belongings while relocating can be a task. Based on your duration of stay at the future location you can buy different furniture for different apartment types you will be living in the coming years. Now, buying furniture everytime can be difficult but this can be executed easily if you trade in your furniture or sell it before moving to a different location. 

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