5 Best Wood Types For Long Lasting Furniture

Making the right choice will not only increase customer happiness, but it will also enable you to set the pricing appropriately. Additionally, this will be useful when selling, restoring, or getting rid of wooden furniture.

Naturally, there is a wide range of prices for wood. African blackwood, sandalwood, rosewood, agarwood, maple, ebony, and rosewood are some of the highest cost types of furniture wood. Completely contrary, pine is the most affordable wood & best wood for furniture which are available in most of the furniture store in sydney.

There are two primary categories of wood materials: solid wood, which is made up of both hardwoods and softwoods, and produced wood, which is made up of actual wood plus other synthetic elements. Now we know the best wood for furniture, Let’s have a deeper look at this.

What distinguishes hardwood from softwood, and will it affect the quality of your furniture?

Softwood Vs. Hardwood In Furniture 


Such blooming plants as walnut, mahogany, oak, and maple are the sources of hardwood. These organisms, also known as angiosperms, make up around 80% of all currently understood green plants. Don’t take any chances with a swimming pool because some hardwoods won’t float in water.

Hardwood has a close grain, is long-lasting, and needs little upkeep.

Hardwood furniture typically withstands normal wear and tear well due to its density.

Due to its good fire resistance and low sap content, it is frequently used for wooden flooring in sydney. It also naturally comes in a variety of colors and plate perforation patterns.

It typically costs more than softwood. This is due to the slower growth. There are a few outliers, such as the hardwood gum, which has a cost that is comparable to that of the majority of softwoods.


Hardwoods are often more expensive than softwoods, which are made from evergreen, seed-bearing trees like cedar, redwood, yew, spruce, pine, and fir. As a result of the lack of vessels, they are also known as a type of wood specially known as non-porous wood.

Softwoods readily take up adhesives, producing a nice finish.

It is frequently employed for wall cladding, floor covering, fittings, and scaffolding.

It is less fire resistant than hardwood because it contains more sap and has a looser texture.

It is extremely adaptable and has a lightweight structure.

It is easier to work with and more widely accessible than hardwood.

Both softwoods and hardwoods can be used for the same things, and they frequently are. However, softwoods make up the majority of the type of wood used globally since they are more affordable and convenient to deal with.

Hardwoods have the advantage of lasting longer than softwoods. As a result, hardwoods are perfect for luxury wooden furniture, flooring, decks, and buildings in sydney.

The Top 5 Types Of Wood For Furniture 

Keep in mind the type of project you will be working on at all times. Considering that you’ll come across fine millwork and unique kitchen cabinets in different ways.

Therefore, depending on your objectives, the most expensive or attractive wood may not always be the best pick. Furthermore, you must maintain it to ensure that it retains its aesthetic value and lasts longer, regardless of the type of wood.

In light of this, let’s discuss several types of wood for furniture and the applications to which they are most appropriate.


  • Mahogany is a sturdy, adaptable wood that is more commonly used in furniture construction.
  • Straight, fine grain.
  • Moderately hefty with a medium texture.
  • Warm, timeless appearance
  • Long-lasting with regular maintenance.
  • Variation in hue from light brown to rich reddish brown.
  • It is attractive to ship builders worldwide because it is resistant to rot, especially from water.
  • Ideal for: high-end furniture, windows, interior millwork, musical instruments, decorative furniture, huge or focal-point furniture, dining tables, and wood veneers.


  • Oak is a robust, multifaceted hardwood that may be polished in a variety of ways.
  • Long-lasting and dense; with proper maintenance, can survive for centuries. (For instance, Queen Victoria presented President Hayes with an oak desk for the Oval Office in 1880.)
  • Varies in hue from pale brown to pinkish red.
  • Lovely open grain
  • If properly finished, resistant to scratches and stains.
  • Desks, contemporary furniture, antique furniture, elaborate designs,


  • Maple may be cleaned with a moist cloth and is strong, resilient, and resistant to splitting.
  • Making cutting boards for the kitchen, for example, is possible because it is non-toxic.
  • Has good wear.
  • The grain is closed, typically straight, but it can also be wavy.
  • Varies in color from a dark reddish brown to a light golden hue.
  • Takes all completions.
  • Ideal for: kitchen furniture, coffee tables, and desks


  • Walnut is renowned for being strong; during World War 1, it was utilized to construct airplane propellers.
  • Beautiful grain character
  • Endures intricate sculpting.
  • Able to withstand warping.
  • minimal shrinking occurs.
  • Having a smooth surface enables a lovely finish.
  • Very adaptable.
  • Ideal for: mantels, headboards, elaborate or antique-style hall tables, cabinetry, paneling, and mantels


  • Cherry wood is pliable and has a fine grain.
  • Easy to steam, making it suitable for curving shapes.
  • Rich hue that gets darker over time.
  • Highly resilient.
  • Slick texture
  • Natural luster that is average.
  • Ideal for use in floors, desks, cabinets, decorative turnings, and carvings.

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