4 Outdoor Furniture Trends: Aluminium, Cement, Wicker & Timber

Summer is here, and the sun is shining. It’s a perfect time to make most of the outdoor space that you might have. The Trendiest furniture of today’s outdoor space is made up of Aluminium, Cement, Wicker, and Timber. So, to find out what gives your patio a great look, do a little research about it to determine what suits your requirements and budget best.

Aluminium Furniture

This solid and durable, Lightweight aluminum outdoor furniture is setting the new trend as it continuously comes out with the blend of innovations and latest designs. You can choose from the wide variety of bright bolds to subtle neutral according to your choice. Aluminum furniture in Australia is gaining more attraction as it comes with a sleek minimalistic look. Due to its less weight, you can dismantle the entire set of furniture to free up your space and take full advantage of your lounge area. This low-maintenance aluminum furniture will add a softer, warmer feel that will complete the look of your patio.

Why choose for Aluminium outdoor furniture?

Aluminum is the most durable outdoor furniture choice. It does not corrode, so an ideal choice for a waterfront environment. With this extremely light weighted furniture, you don’t have to worry about drying out crack-line. Check out the outdoor collection of Half Price Furniture to find the versatile range of aluminum furniture in Australia.

Concrete & Cement Furniture

Gone are the days with boring, monotonous concrete furniture, now cement furniture is trending out with concrete staining, integral color, or both. You can tailor your personalized lounging area and outdoor dining with your selection of comfortable concrete furniture that adds on a perennial appeal. Whatever be the size of your lounge area or whatever mood you want to set up in your backyard, check out Half Price Furniture’s outdoor section to find out the expanding range of concrete and cement furniture in Australia.

Why choose for Concrete & Cement outdoor furniture?

Concrete and cement furniture are low cost, require a little maintenance, come with a beautiful texture, and don’t have to worry about durability. This sturdy furniture will always add up a modern balanced look to your patio. In 2020, mixing materials are setting trends. Check out the collection of timbre look finished cement furniture or poly cement type dining table; these all are great pieces to flaunt in your outdoor designer trend.

Wicker Furniture

This one is a classic choice for your outdoors. The addition of Wicker furniture on your backyard will add a homely vibe. According to most of the homemakers, this is an attractive and brilliant addition to their patio, which greatly impacts the overall décor. Let’s know more about why Wicker Furniture in Australia is getting more popular day by day. The most common assumption about wicker is that it is made up of fabric or plant. But basically, it is a specially woven fiber with materials like rattan, cane stalk, or synthetic fabrics (like PVC or polyethylene).

Why choose outdoor wicker furniture?

They are incredibly light-weighted. Typical wicker furniture may just weigh a couple of pounds, that’s a striking contrast with any other similar piece of furniture made up of different material. So, you don’t have to recruit extra hands to move or place it in the right corner.
Wicker is a weather-resistant material, durable that will add aesthetics and a high level of style. With a single mop, it will get back to the show-room look. And its shine does not fade away. The Lounge/Dining Setting from Half Price Furniture that comes with a mid-height table, armchairs can be the perfect choice for a small, intimate gathering.

Timbre Furniture-:

Don’t want to compromise with the earthy natural look of your backyard? Then opt for outdoor timber furniture. In Half Price furniture, you will find designer furniture blended with other materials that will give a stunning look to it.

Why choose timber outdoor furniture?

Timber is a very hardy material and durable and naturally resistant to fungus and termites. They are usually heavy, so if you live in a windy place, you don’t have to worry much. You can check out the outdoor timber lounge, rectangular ottomans, rectangular/oval shaped coffee table, and armchairs. You can even choose white-washed eucalyptus timber, which provides a refined touch and matches the spirit of sun-drenched Australian summer. Just add dark-colored cushions to give an ultimate contrast, and you will end up having trendiest timbre furniture in Australia.

Final Thought:

Want to have any of this outdoor furniture in your backyard? Browse the summer collection of Half Price Furniture online for trending outdoor furniture in every possible style, including aluminum, cement, wicker, and timber.