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Tips for Decorating a Smaller Living Room

Our house is our asset, and we want that space to be the best. In a house’s living room is the front opening; whenever a guest arrives, they are welcome in that area. If you want to leave a good impression on them, you need to decorate it. 

A decorated living room looks finished and comforting for everyone, even if it is small. There are always options to decorate it; all you need are some solid tricks and tips so that you can do wonders. In this article let’s unleash those tips and know the creative process of decorating a room.

Living room as first impressions:

In the race of making your bedroom or beautiful kitchen look, people tend to forget the living room space. In a small house that has a small living room is a challenge. You want to have a beautiful area, yet not crowd the only little space you have can be daunting.

However, everything is possible when you have your thinking caps on! Many living room designs are specially curated; they design to decorate variant sized spaces whether you have a big room or small. There is a space for the creativity of every size. Decorate a small living room is the key to maximize space. It is so that the area looks more functional, and there is mobility ease. It should have your TV, place to relax and space for the family to hangout. 

Above all, it should be your reflection, the way you decorate your small space speaks a lot about you and might leave a statement and show your creativity. If you have these things on your mind and want to build a comfortable small living room, follow the tips next.

Tips to decorate a small living room:

We often forget that no matter what the size the room is. If you have an idea, creativity finds its way. You can create your living room designs or take help from others. For more here are some tricks and tips that ensure you can make your own comfort space.

  1. Plan things out:

Planning things out always helps, you can script or draw your idea on a graph to plan it out. It is an essential step as your living room needs to look spacious; before purchasing furniture and others, plan your idea.

Use a scale of 1 inch to represent 1-foot space. Use a ruler to draw the room size. Now include the doors and window lengths. These can also be a fireplace or a connecting underground storeroom.

  1. Choose colours

When you want to decorate a small living room, take in account colours. If the walls are not coloured yet, give you freedom of choice. If you have wall painted living room space, then select what’s suitable. 

Not everything goes well with a specific living room design. Decide what furniture size would compliment the space and colour and choose from the shelf designs and wall arts. Look for paintings, tables that work out well and make sure everything you buy is in the proportion of your living room.

  1. Select high style pieces:

You can enhance your rooms by selecting stylish sofa sets and chairs. Whether you like sleek contemporary or classic upholstery, you always have options. Other transitional pieces also work out well for living room spaces.

Look for rich fabrics for windows and bedsheets, and it can be anything from abstract designs to camelback sofas. Look for more contemporary designs like Lawson designs.

  1. Shop as per measurements:

Don’t just go for everything you like; every piece, furniture, the fabric you buy should have a size, and that should complement the rest of the features of the living room. However, allow styles and designs that make a statement in the room and not the size always.

  1. Arranging the furniture:

Create a focal point in the living room; do this by placing the furniture in the central part. Some living rooms have a large picture window. It would be best if you set the furniture so that it is around the prominent highlights.

Place the furniture in such a way that it will draw the attention of the people. Make the space look comfortable and distinctive. 


Your home is a happy place; the first impression that sticks to people’s mind about your homes is through living rooms. Even for the family members living room is their hangout space, with these tips, make that space look welcoming no matter what the size is.

Decorate a small living room with the best designs and create your happy little world.