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7 Tips On How To Decorate With Primary Colors For A Bold Vintage Look

The color scheme for home interior is all about the small differences. If a picture is worth 1000 words, then a color scheme can be described with exactly three of them: Blue, Red and Yellow. All other colors are derived from these bold hues, making them a unique (though sometimes overlooked) choice for interior design. 

While subtle variations of the three primary colors are often utilized to decorate living spaces, the use of all three in their purest state is much more uncommon. With the rising popularity of pastels in the 60s and 70s and an appreciation for simplicity with Modernism in the 20th Century, 2022 is the year that primary colors will take center stage again!

Primary colours are a great way to add drama to any space. They’re bold, attention-grabbing and perfect for setting the scene for a retro, vintage or modern look. In addition, the Vintage look with primary colour room decor  and with the accent furniture from discount furniture store is a growing trend in Sydney.

When used effectively, though, primary colours can be the perfect accent to a space and create the perfect vintage look. We are sharing 7 tips from designers on how to decorate a room with primary colors for a bold vintage look.

Make Subtle Changes To Primary Colors In Room Decor 

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Instead of using all three primary colours in their original form, use subtle variations of primary colors in your interior design scheme. This will allow you to use all three colours in your interior design without being too bold, and will also allow you to play around with the intensity of each colour. For example, use turquoise in place of true blue, or use metallic gold finishes instead of yellow. This will create a bold but subtle vintage look that will work well in any era.

Decoration With Primaries And The Coloring Wheel 

Primary colors can be used to create a cohesive interior design scheme by coordinating them with other colours on the colour wheel. You can also use them as accents to create a bold look or to coordinate with other colours in your scheme. When choosing colors to use as accents, bear in mind that cool colors recede, which makes them good choices for bright spaces that you want to feel calm and spacious. Colours of the warmer spectrum are ideal for creating cozy and vibrant spaces. In Sydney, warm colors tend to be most popular.

Focus On One Primary Color For Interior Design 

Primary Color For Interior Design & Decor by Half Price Furniture

Creating a home that inspires serene comfort and cozy elegance takes careful planning. A great way to start is by balancing out the three primary hues of red, yellow and blue to bring this look together. Consider using amber as the main color of your walls, for instance, then bring in soft peachy pink with lighting fixtures or decorative items like potholders and other kitchen textiles. Or use deep violet to highlight a favorite chair or coffee table in raspberry with pops of mint green appearing here and there throughout decor pieces on display.

Adding Artwork  

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Replace your normal wall art with pieces that have strong pops of blue, red, and yellow in them. These are the primary colors of interior design you need to accentuate a room with both warm and cool tones, as well as neutrals.

Tone Down Primary Colors With Neutrals 

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When trying for primary colors room decor in your design, start with a foundation of white walls. The sharper hues from the primary colors will stand out more and seem bolder if you’re starting with a white backdrop. If you want to soften their vibrancy, try warm grays and light wood tones.

Texture Adds Sophistication  

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Primary colors such as red, yellow and blue add youthful appeal to interiors that often lack sophistication. It’s best to pair these hues with textures such as velvet, leather softened by topstitching or nubby linen. Wood surfaces, rich materials like stonework or natural elements like rattan can introduce an elegant feeling. Sydney markets offer a variety of warm textures and primary colours.

For An Attractive Display, Combine Your Favorite Vessels 

Open shelving is excellent for displaying treasured pieces and items. The shelves, whilst practical as useful storage also mean all your most valuable ceramics or other beautiful tableware can be on display so they’re easily accessible during everyday life!


primary color room decor by half price furniture

When it comes to interior designing with primary colours, there are a few things you can do to create a bold vintage look. First, you can choose to paint your walls in one of the three primary colours. This will create a strong foundation for your space. You can then add in accents and furniture in the other two colours. Another option is to use all three colours equally throughout the space. This can be done by painting each wall a different colour or using different coloured furniture and accessories. Whichever way you choose to use primary colours, they are sure to create a bold and vintage look in your home.