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Living Room Decorating Ideas 2021

The Living Room can easily be considered the center of everything that goes on in anyone’s household. From just relaxing to having friends and family over, the living room is the most active room so why not make it look stunning at all times. It’s not easy to put it all together when there are so many options in furniture and decor. But it doesn’t hurt to experiment a little with the interiors so you can steer to what vibe you want to create for your living room.

Traditional or contemporary; modern or classic, or just simple and cozy, there are many different creative pathways to stroll down to find the right aesthetic appeal. Here are a few living room ideas to help you get started on creating the living room you have always desired.

Choose Perfect Colour Scheme for your Living Room

Everything good starts with a well-thought-out plan. Get the layout and color scheme you want to follow down before you go on a shopping spree and turn what you thought would be your aesthetic abode into an abstract painting. Remember that while choosing the colors there should be some consistency. For example, a small living room idea would be to use shades of white to help maximize the look of your space, whereas, a good modern living room idea could be to use hues of grey or light green to bring out a more calming and tranquil atmosphere.

Provide a Wooden touch to your Living Room

Wood undoubtedly never goes out of trend. It can easily play the protagonist in literally any living space and the best part is that wood can be used for a multitude of different Living room furniture and decor pieces which makes it quite versatile. Complement this aesthetic with the same-toned neutral furniture. 

Add More Space to Your Living Room

The concept of emptiness isn’t as easy to execute as we think. It showcases simplicity which can only be brought out through clean lines, points, planes, and overall minimalism. Let it speak for itself as we help you choose through minimal furnishings, neutral decor, and glass table tops to give the illusion of added space, and remove any unnecessary pieces. A well designed room is defined more by what’s not there than what is in it. 

Add More Vibrant Rugs to your Living Room 

Often the concept of adding more rugs to any property is ignored while designing any interior. But there is a lot to benefit from in terms of aesthetic appeal when it comes to adding different rugs. Layering is one way to do so that requires one oversized rug of a solid neutral colour that will serve as the base and around one to two normal sized accent rugs. The accent rugs usually possess bright vibrant colours and artistic designs. If you want to avoid layering then you can stick to one large rug that will act as the statement piece for your living room. Rugs are both practical as a soft layer to walk on and beautiful as artwork that ties your room together. Do not compromise on a rug if your space could do with one.

Mix & Match Attractive Design Styles

Another method to tune up the look of your room is through contrasting styles into a harmonious union. This is one of the most fundamental ideas to great interior designing. Mix classic with contemporary, modern with mid-century, or antique with anew. Mixing and matching pieces from different styles enable a multi-dimensional appeal.

Don’t Forget to Add Your Personal Touch

These days everyone wants the perfect interiors that they often forget that your interiors are a reflection of who you are. Therefore, adding your personal touch to it is key to wrap the whole look together. Imprint your life into your home through artwork done by your or your family, create a wall gallery showing the different moments in your life that brought you the most joy. Showcase your passion through your interiors and the end result will warm your heart,

A Wrap-Up

Don’t forget to have fun while incorporating these different living room decorating ideas to your home. At Half Price Furniture we ensure that we bring together all your ideas so you can enjoy not just the outcome of your interior design skills but the process of turning your space from basic to beautiful. We have a huge range of furniture, homeware, and another decor to choose from for all your home decor ideas. Come down to our store in St. Marys & Alexandria or visit our website to browse through our collection.

We hope these ideas will give you the right boost towards re-doing your living room space and we’re always just a call away to help.