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How To Make Your Home Look Expensive

Everybody wants that chic and classy vibe in their home without having to spend a lot of money. Well, having an expensive looking home decor has never been easier! From the Kitchen homewares to the Living Room decor, there are so many clever changes you can make in your home to achieve that luxurious living ambience. 

After consulting the Interior Decor experts at our table, we have come up with 7 smart ideas to decorate your home. We will discuss the same throughout this blog, stay tuned! 

7 Tips to Make Your Home Look Expensive

With these 7 tips our focus is on creating a chic look in your home with minimum possible effort. 

Tip 1: Layer your Lighting

bedroom lighting and furniture from half price furniture

Probably the easiest way to make your house look expensive is by layering lights. As a major concept of space, lighting should never be overlooked. A perfect lighting can achieve a lot of things, such as adding depth to a room, creating the illusion of spaciousness, setting the mood, etc. You can create layers of lights by using hanging lights, or pendant lights, preceded carefully by sconce lights, ending the layers with table lamps, or lanterns if you are feeling antique-y. If you can’t find budget friendly sconce lights, you can always go for plug in sconces. 

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Tip 2: Let Your Curtains Touch the Flooring

Decorative Curtain art work half price furniture

What interior design experts term as window treatment is key to making your house look expensive. When it comes to covering your windows, we suggest choosing ceiling high curtains that go all the way to the floor. Such curtains add the luxe factor in a room quite effortlessly. The best about this tip? You don’t have to choose expensive curtains to drape on your windows. You can just head to the store and choose lightweight and light coloured cotton curtains. This also adds a warm light to the room! 

Tip 3: Attention Grabbing Artwork

Art work in living room from half price furniture

Nothing screams chic like a huge frame of artwork that adorns your feature wall in the living room and is easily the simplest tip to make your home look expensive. The best of having large scale art on your walls? It is a great conversation starter and imbues an intellectual vibe in a visitor as soon as they step into your space. Now if you are wondering how much it is going to cost you, do not worry. You can yourself pick up a huge black canvas and play with colours, brush strokes, and personal preferences. 

Tip 4: Integrate Metallics and Golden Colour

Stylish grey lounge from half price furn iture

If you are looking for adding a little classic glamour, then gold is the color to go with. You can easily achieve this by adding small metallic details here and there in your living room, such as a metallic clock on a desk, or simple metallic decorative items like a pen stand, picture frames, flower vases, etc. Another way of adding gold to your home is by adding golden coloured wallpaper on your feature walls. The colour gold is effortlessly luxurious and something you can never go wrong with and will definitely contribute to expensive looking home decor.

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Tip 5: Highlight Architectural Features of your Home

Living room furniture from half price furniture

Every home has a few features that stand out. These features could be anything from mouldings to exposed beams, these quirks become the identity of your home and our experts believe that they should be accentuated in subtle ways to bring attention to them. You can even go uneven on this as it helps your decor to avoid radiating flatness. As part of expensive looking decor, you can accent these architectural features by pocket friendly methods. For instance, if you have mouldings, you can paint it with metallic colours such as golden or silver. 

Tip 6: Add a Huge, Irregular Rug to your Living Room

Curved sofa in living room from half price furniture

We are sure you are wondering why a huge rug? And why does it have to be irregular in shape? First of all, small rugs add no value to your decor but definitely take away elegance from it. Large rugs, on the other hand, add the element of space in your living room. Moreover, when you add an irregular rug, it not only catches your attention, it also sparks conversation. Irregular rug ensures that at least some portion of the furniture feet to it, but not all of it. 

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Tip 7: Stick to the Rule of Threes

decorative elements from half price furniture

One of the most prominent rules that all interior designers follow while decorating a space is the Rule of Thirds. It suggests that decor items such as flower vases, chairs, mirrors, etc., look more appealing when they are used in odd numbers, more specifically in threes. Thus, we come to the final tip to make your home look expensive. This helps us simplify the process of decorating as well as you don’t have to worry about finding different decor items. To add even more class to your space, make sure whatever accent piece you are using in threes, all three are of different shape or height. 


When you are decorating your space in order to make your house look expensive, it is important to stick to a slightly minimalistic theme. Thus, don’t go overboard with any of the above mentioned tips. 

Hope you enjoyed reading this blog!