Easy-care Outdoor Furniture and Compliments:

Outdoor furniture is an investment that most people make in almost every summer season. While making the investment people keep in mind that the furniture they purchase can go up against pounding rain, howling wind, or beating sun.

While making the purchase, they also ensure that their furniture requires minimum upkeep. People believe the quality of outdoor furniture is an important characteristic while purchasing so that with regular cleaning, their furniture can look wonderful for years. Selection of the furniture can depend on various factors like lifestyle and location.

In Australia, Half Price Furniture is a leading brand, and we aim to provide the best outdoor furniture. We have the most eye-catching products which will fulfil your needs and fit in your budget also. You can order from our stores online as well as offline. We aim for our customers to do easy and safe shopping because it will give satisfaction and peace to our customers which is our motive.

For the satisfaction of our customers, we provide a variety of products in our stores. After placing an order, you do not need to worry about your purchase, as focus on providing fast delivery, dispatch of products within 48hours of placing their order. Also, we update our customers regularly about their order after we dispatch it so that they can know when they will get the delivery of the products. At Half Price Furniture, we can guarantee you that you will get products at the lowest price in comparison to our competitors in the market. We have the most popular and the best collection, which completely meets our customers’ needs.

We offer a range of products which Lounges, Dining, Bedroom and Mattress, and Outdoor Living.

● Lounges

Our Lounges have varieties as they can be 2-seater, 3-seater, 2-seater+left corner chaise, 2-seater+right corner chaise, 1-seater electric lounge, 3+2.5seater lounge, and 3+2seater lounge. Our range also comprises electrical lounges. These lounges have a variety of price ranges depending on the facilities it provides.

Different colours of lounges are also available as per the choices and needs of our customers. Customers buy these lounges according to their needs and also their budget. These lounges are available at discounted rates, so they fit in the budget range of our customers because, for us, the satisfaction of our customers matters the most. When you visit our store, we focus on providing a complete description of our products. We aim to deliver these lounges within 2-3 days when you place an order.


We provide sideboards of different types as they can be with two doors or three doors. These sideboards are available in different shades also as per the choices of our customers. And the prices of these sideboards depend on the qualities they possess.

We also offer a variety of chairs such as Chairs with PU seats, Bar-chair, Chairs with Metal legs, chairs with timber seats, and chairs with honey legs. Due to different qualities, their prices also vary but are perfectly suitable for our customers. We also have Hall drawers in our stores which have two drawers/3 drawers and hall drawers of various dimensions are also available.

We in our store also have a range of Extension Dining Tables of different dimensions and different price ranges, all of these products are available at discounted prices. We also provide BookCase as well as Square and Rectangular Lamp Tables.

Bedroom and Mattress

At our stores, our customers can get a variety of beds. These beds are available in different shades also. These beds have different characteristics and therefore, accordingly, different prices. Bedside drawers and study desks are also available with different measurements as per our customers’ requirements. Mirrors of different companies are also available in our showroom.

We aim to deliver these products within 2-3 days after the customer places the order. For the convenience of our customers, we also provide blanket boxes in different shades. All our products are available after discount, so you don’t need to worry about high prices or the quality of our products.

Outdoor Living

This section includes various products such as Outdoor Dining KIT, Jimmy Pod Chair, Balcony Dining Set in different colours, Living Set, Rectangular Dining Table with various dimensions, Lounge setting in different shades, Modular lounge setting having two colour variants, Dining Armchairs with cushion, sofa set in different colors.

Customer satisfaction is our primary motive; therefore, we offer a range of products that fulfil the choices and needs of our customers and are also effective.