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Best Sofa Styles

Sofa accounts for the essential furniture in the living room. It is the first piece of furniture that gets noticed by people. Choosing a sofa can be a daunting task, and based on the style, design and layout of the room is extremely important.

In these times of extensive interior designing options, sofas are easily available. People want a modern design with a stylish sofa ranging from a small couch to chesterfield sofa; there are plenty of options available. 

Let us look at some sofa styles that fit according to your needs.

  1. Elegant Cabriole Sofa-

As the name suggests, this sofa is elegant in design. It is appropriate to have in the workplace or an addition to a formal place setting. 

This sofa style has a small yet comfortable structure with comprehensive coverage. Elegant cabriole sofa style has intricate wooden details around the corners, which makes it sophisticated and chic in a small living room. It can ideally place around the corner of the room and can complete the look with a small table in the centre.

  1. The Casual Sectional Sofa-

These sofas are perfect for hosting get-togethers and parties. Accommodated with ample space and design, it is an ideal choice. Casual sectional sofas provide comfort as it is flexible. It comes in different options of recliner or armrests to choose. You can smoothly go for sofas which provide added comforts, and it is available from a wide range of colours and designs. It is a perfect choice for accommodating 3-4 people on each sofa. People with prominent families can make the use of space this sofa provides. 

  1. The Traditional Chesterfield Sofa-

This classy design comes originally in brown colour and recognized by the button design it has on the front side; it has a classic touch. It is accurate for a modern contemporary living room.

The fabric of this sofa is leather with a sleek cut design which acts as a USP of the couch. It comes in various colours like black and dust grey. Chesterfield sofa came first into notice in around 1700s in London. It is an old yet stunning design and the modern design which is bound to impress. As time changes, the button design has become an option now, but the classic design remains timeless.

  1. Mid Century Modern Sofa-

Mid-century modern is one of the most comfortable sofa designs. It includes a large cushion pillow providing the rest for the back. Unlike other sofa prototypes, this sofa values comfort over design. It has a cone structure in place of the legs which have low ground clearance and short in height. 

Mid-century modern is the go-to option for lounges and bedroom furniture. It also goes to the living room inspired from the 1940s; this sofa style is chic. Since then, it has been a perfect option for nuclear homes. The primary design corners and narrows down in the end. 

  1. Timeless Lawson Sofa-

These sofas make a lovely addition to a very classic old prototype living room. The design originates from a very personal outline and follows a simple line. First demanded by Thomas Lawson, it got derived from him. It is one of the simple sofa styles which cease to exist. 

It comes in solid colours and no designs which follow sophistication and is on the artsy end. It is appropriate to set up in an elegant environment like museums or art galleries. It can fit in a small space in a corner and makes up space for other furniture. You can re-design the room with other chic items such as a coffee table or a carpet.

  1. Camelback Sofa–

Camelbacks are a sofa style that has an elongated back design. It is perfect for people who love old designs. These are one of the first designs to enter the market. 

The aesthetic tone provides an excellent catch for most people, and curvy design offers extreme comfort and style to the whole piece. The elongated legs of the sofa give the high ground difference.

This sofa comes with a tall design, and for the same reason, it is appropriate for formal as well as informal setups.

  1. Corner Sofa-

Corner sofas are large sofas that can fit against the wall in a corner—these sofas found in big halls or big living rooms. Corner sofas are large and can be very accommodating. 

These come in various shapes like L-shaped sofas, or I shaped sofas. It gives the customer to choose from a wide range of options.

Choosing the right sofa is essential for the living room as it is a long term investment; doing it right is necessary. Apart from choosing from different sofa styles, choosing the right setup is essential. A modern design with a stylish sofa goes hand in hand. It is also the one that adjusts to your needs accordingly.