1980s Decor Trends That Are Making A Comeback In 2022

The 80s are making a comeback, but this time in a more modern version! Contemplate geometric patterns, natural materials, and dramatic shapes. The home design world has embraced the concepts of minimalism, and neutral colors over the last two decades, leaving little room for the exquisite 80s decor packed with floral frills, opulent crystals, and neon memories that defined my childhood—until now. As we head into the year 2022, 80s interior design trends are making a comeback. Let’s take a look at three 80s trends that are making a comeback!

A multi-colored floral or chintz-covered bedroom was the height of home design elegance in the 80s interior design. While classic fashion statements are making a comeback, some home trends are also making a resurgence, with homeowners throughout the country adorning their homes in the style of the 80s. The opulence of 80s interior design reflected the era, and it’s a period to many of us would like to implement on commercial property with the help of timeless furniture. So why not do the same in our Sydney homes?

We’re showcasing seven prominent interior design trends that peaked decades ago, faded out with time, and are now seeing a significant resurrection in houses all around the world, thanks to our design experts. Here are all the 80s interior design styles making their way into modern homes around the country, from metallics and bright walls to hints of green.

  1. Brass- For the Glamorous Touch

Back in the 80s decor, brass-plated plumbing fittings, lighting, and even fireplace doors were ubiquitous and in today’s modern homes brass fixtures are again becoming more prominent. Brass is being incorporated into today’s house design in a more subtle and refined approach, as opposed to the highly metallic effect of 80’s interior design styles. 

The right fixtures and finishes can transform a home, and brass fixtures may add a touch of grandeur to your decor without overpowering it. Furthermore, because brass looks good in a ranch, contemporary, or traditional home, you should think about using it when renovating or building a custom home.

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  1. The Antique Charm of Glass Block Walls

It’s impossible to discuss 80s interior design trends without addressing glass-block walls. Glass-block walls were all the rage in the 80s, sometimes used in place of traditional windows or shower walls, and sometimes placed on interior walls to let in more light. They added both style and functionality to a home, with the latter being that they let natural light in without being completely transparent, and they’re more energy-efficient than the usual window!

Many people today consider glass-block walls to be an obsolete design element, but in 2022, they are making a comeback in both residential and commercial Sydney establishments!

  1. Plants Everywhere!  

The millennial fixation with plants didn’t begin in the 2000s; it began in the 80s decor. Tropical prints did not become popular until the 80s. However, once they did, they were evident everywhere. And it wasn’t just wallpaper and upholstery prints that were obsessed with flora. Houseplants, particularly artificial plants, had a significant moment in the 80s interior design styles. 

Indoor plants are once again trendy, as illustrated by Instagram pictures of tiny succulents and creative wall gardens. Instead of creating a jungle in your Sydney home, think about how you may strategically put your plants.

  1. Pastel Colour Palette

When it comes to 80s designs and trends, Memphis design is at one end of the color spectrum, with lots of vibrant primary hues. In the 80s, however, there was a love for pastels on the other end of the spectrum. In the 80s interior design, pastel room design was highly popular, with colors of soft pinks and purples, as well as seafoam green. Pastel hues were used in modest doses, and they were also used to cover an entire room from top to bottom.

Soft pastels were prominent in design in the 80s and they’re back in style, but with a modern twist, they’re a little more advanced this time!

  1. Wallpapers Trend   

When it came to wallpaper in the 80s decor, no room was spared. Every room was wallpapered with over-the-top floral patterns, which made the space feel older and more mature. Wallpaper was viewed as ‘old fashioned and a feature that had no place in modern design during the 1990s and early 2000s.

Now, fast forward to the present day: wallpapers are back! Large, vivid patterned wallpapers can now be seen in even the smallest of rooms, such as powder rooms. Back in style are wallpapers with wonderful texture on the wall behind a bed to ground the room. To sum up, wallpaper is back in full force, but this time we’re doing it more strategically and thoughtfully.

  1. Rattan Furniture 

Rattan, bamboo, cane, and wicker are all trendy right now, so you can easily complement your existing decor with 80s interior design trends- inspired wall shelves, baskets, plant stands, chairs, and side tables made of these natural materials.

Rattan is being used in more contemporary furniture designs, which is taking it to new heights. However, it is not the same as rattan from the past. Rattan has evolved in recent years, and the pieces are now used to break up a room without looking too coastal or tropical.

Feeling inspired and want to bring some 80s decor into your Sydney home? Our easy design trends will greatly assist you in redesigning your home! Thanks for reading!